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It is important to make the entrance to the house correctly so that in the future it is not necessary to constantly repair it, because it is this part of the road that has the main load. Construction company Tarmac Driveways is one of the best Tarmac Contractors in Dublin, Ireland that offers high-quality services of driveways, patios, tennis courts, farmyards, and fencing installation.

When arranging access driveways to a site, their convenience and practicality are no less important than other elements of the landscape. The construction of access roads may be required in the case when it is necessary to organize transport access to a private house, a summer cottage, an industrial zone, and other separately located objects. 

Sometimes, you can immediately pave a high-quality driveway and arrange to park. There are a many great variations of access roads to the house and methods of their construction. And tarmac contractors are the best at knowing how to proceed.

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What Are Tarmac Contractors?

Tarmac Contractors are the contractors who specialize in driveways, patios, tennis courts, farmyards, and fencing installation using tar as the coating material. Tarmac is a surfacing material commonly used to coat roads, driveways, etc. (please read our Tarmac driveways guide to know more).

Tarmac Driveways is one of the best Tarmac Contractors in Dublin Ireland that offers only the best to its clients. Our company specializes in performing a full range of works specialised in driveways, patios, tennis courts, farmyards, and fencing installations. We use only advanced technologies and have all the necessary approvals for the above activities. We also carry out work on the organisation of construction, reconstruction of driveways or any surface.

Since the creation of the company, the key feature has been the use of the most modern construction technologies and careful selection of materials for the implementation of projects, which made it possible to become one of the leading companies in Dublin, Ireland.tarmac driveway, gardens, new tarmac driveway, mobile, navan, management, meath, replacing, tarmacadam contractors

What Services Provide Tarmac Contractors?

When building driveways, asphalt is most often used as a building material, which is a viscous substance that solidifies after laying. Asphalt is made by mixing bituminous binder (bitumen mixture), sand, gravel, and mineral additives. This material is used in other construction industries, however, the most common space for using asphalt today is road surface. There are times when various putties, adhesives, varnishes, waterproofing, electrical insulation, and even materials for roofing are made with the help of asphalt.

For more about Asphalt vs Tarmac please read our post here: Key Differences Between Tarmac vs Asphalt Driveways

The specialists of Tarmac Contractors will take into account all the features of the soil, the depth of groundwater, and reliefs. Based on the calculations, we will choose the most rational radius of the general turn for transport, the slope of the parking area, and drainage.

The landscape architect will correctly position the lawns, flower beds, and individual green spaces surrounding the driveway. Also, we will offer our ideas for the paving pattern and design of the paths.

The exterior fittings of an isolated building, but also the creation of the infrastructure necessary for the creation of a housing estate: construction of roads, installation of the drainage system, connection to the various concessionaires, etc.

  • Driveways Construction: Road works construction, maintenance, and repair of Driveways, including the development of parking areas and living spaces for citizens.
  • Tennis Court: The construction of tennis courts and recreation grounds, from the playground to the complete tennis courts (tennis courts examples).
  • Soil Stabilization Works: When done by a serious team with expertise in earthmoving, soil stabilization is rather quick. It facilitates the installation of the finishing coats.
  • Installation Fencing: Making or installing fencing is not a difficult job at all. The main thing is to follow the technology and the exact consumption of materials. We work perfectly installing fencing that you can make your site beautiful and comfortable.
  • Driveways Repair: If you opt for this variant of the usual road renovation technique, you avoid any movement of additional trucks. The machines of your earthmoving contractor will crush the existing soil to incorporate this famous hydraulic binder. The two are then kneaded, mixed, and compacted to form the basis of your future path.
  • Repair of Narrow Roads: Indeed, agricultural paths are sometimes only 3 meters wide. It can be difficult to work in so little space and build up a rock. The method using the hydraulic binder only requires a few passes from our machines.
  • Patios: Asphalt is also used in the construction of patios, parking lots, sheds, farms, and other areas with traffic of light or heavy vehicles. With this coating applied, it is possible to avoid several inconveniences due to mud in rainy periods, excessive dust, discomfort when traveling, and safety issues.
  • Farmyards: We build seamless terraces, design weed-free courtyard entrances and garden paths, parking areas, or other outdoor facilities.

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Why Choose Us?

Tarmac Driveways is a diversified company, one of the activities of which is the construction and reconstruction of areal and linear facilities. So, see below why we are the best driveways contractors.

Planning Depth:

We immerse ourselves in your lifestyle in order to think over and implement a project in the smallest detail


We can always adjust the project or the course of work, in case your preferences change dramatically

Save Time:

We carry out all work on a turnkey basis for the construction of a house, freeing you from the need for continuous monitoring and solving routine tasks.


We provide access to all processes and reporting. This gives a complete understanding of the stages of the project.

Exclusive Competence:

In the project, we take into account your future interaction with the infrastructure of the village in which we are building the house


We work only with certified manufacturers, we work with advanced software for design and intelligent planning


Tarmac Contractors is ready to offer its clients the most attractive price for the construction of access roads.

When developing an access road project, our specialists will select the most optimal option for you, which will help you successfully solve the tasks and minimize costs.

Qualified Specialists:

Qualified specialists of our organization are constantly improving their professional level in the field of specialized knowledge. We have a qualified number of employees, including engineering and technical personnel.

High-quality Architectural Project:

A high-quality architectural project is the guarantee of the future comfort of life in a dream home. We go with the customer from concept to working documentation.

The architect personally monitors the implementation of the project: he regularly visits the construction site and advises workers on sketches and drawings.


There is a guarantee for services, materials, equipment. We work under a contract, in compliance with deadlines and estimates. Our activity is licensed. Professional liability is insured.

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What is a tarmac driveway?

To facilitate passage and improve accessibility, it is recommended to tarmac the driveway of a house or garage. Instead of laying slabs or paving stones, you can make a driveway with tar or asphalt. By creating a paved driveway, you make this path passable. Find out what tar is and the benefits of a tar driveway.

Why tarmac a driveway?

Tarring an asphalt driveway can sometimes be essential in your garden. It is true that the first advantage of this coating is that it has a good lifespan (between 15 and 20 years) and that it is resistant to bad weather. Resistance is guaranteed if your driveway has been properly constructed.

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To accompany you in the beautification and development of your outdoor spaces, tar is the most suitable coating, the cheapest, and the one that requires the least maintenance. Indeed, its flexibility and homogeneity give it a significant advantage. So, whenever you need to repair your driveways and paths contact us by clicking here. We will give our best services to you.

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