Tarmac Driveways Dublin - Complete Guide including cost of Tarmac Driveways

Selecting the right surface for your driveway can be a tedious task one often chooses to overlook.

It may sound like a simple question, but it’s a question many homeowners in Dublin often do not know the correct answer to. Despite driveways being a necessity, many people don’t know much about them, such as what factors to consider before installing a new driveway or which materials are right for your driveway. However, it most definitely is a very important task as the right driveway sets the tone for your house and its overall outward appearance.

There are so many building materials that can be used (gravel, concrete, asphalt, brick, tarmac to name just a few), and with contractors offering all sorts of options, one can easily get confused. If you are looking for a driveway installation in Dublin, the most important aspect to look at would be the material. A tarmac driveway is a very practical choice if you want a shorter downtime, an affordable option, and to add a great exterior appeal to your property.

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Tarmac Driveway Services Dublin

‘Tarmac’ is a term that has been used to refer to the many types of bitumen and stone combinations available for creating roadways and driveways. For this reason, you will often see people referring to tar, tarmacadam, macadam, bitmac, or asphalt as these terms describe the same material and people are all usually referring to the same general thing. The differences in Tarmac and Asphalt mixes available on the market is quote a technical one and an experienced contractor will choose which is best for your driveway depending on usage, traffic loading and aesthetics required.

“In 1902, Edgar Hooley patented the process of heating tar, adding slag to the mix and then breaking stones within the mixture to form a smooth road surface.” – BBC.co.uk [1]. Tarmac is basically a kind of building material made out of tar and crushed stones and is extremely useful in the construction of driveways. It can be applied directly on any other type of existing surface or on its own.

Opting for a tarmac driveway not only saves you a lot of time but also money, especially in the long run. For one, tarmac is one of the most affordable driveway materials available to this day. Also, since installing it is not overly complicated, labour fees are generally less expensive than some more difficult to install paving types.

How Much Does It Cost To Tarmac a Drive In Ireland?

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To tarmac a driveway in Ireland, it will cost you roughly €45 – €80 per square meter. This includes the supply of tarmac, labour, machinery and tools, and skip hire charges are also included. The final cost can vary depending on the size of your driveway, preparation required, existing levels, drainage required and access. Additional factors, such as any landscaping features you want to add, paving, benches, walls, kerbing will determine the overall final cost.

By comparison, tarmac driveways are one of the cheaper option especially in the long run. They are a little more expensive than gravel and less expensive than other paving types such as cobblelock or natural stone, generally speaking. Tarmac is still considered one of the most durable and hard-wearing options for building a driveway. A professionally installed tarmac driveway can last you for years and survive all types of weather conditions. Thus tarmac driveways really show their value over time as they require little to no maintenance and thus no ongoing costs, once installed correctly initially.

Tarmac Driveways Completion Time

Any contractors offering tarmac driveways in Dublin will ask for the size of the driveway to estimate the time required for the job. Since Tarmac is quite an fast material to work with, the time span can range anywhere from a day to a week depending on the length of the driveway. Just as with the cost, many of the same factors will affect the time frame for completion of works on your driveway. The existing ground, preparation required, drainage, existing levels, and additional features such as kerbing, benches or paths will all have an effect on the duration of works. Weather also plays a role in the time taken to complete the job. Rain or snow can slow down the process and escalate the time taken.

Extra charges also factor into the total cost of a tarmac driveway. If you hire a professional contractor, they already own the required equipment needed to tarmac the driveway, which saves a lot of the overall hiring cost as it will already be factored into the original quote provided.

If you hire contractors who don’t personally own the equipment, then the equipment-rental cost will be added as an added expense – something which makes approximately €80-€90 per day. A waste skip hire will cost €50-€100 per weekend, and a mini digger (requirement depends on the existing condition of your driveway) will cost €70-80 per day.

How Much Does a Tarmac Driveway Cost?

The average cost of a tarmac driveway in Dublin is around €3000, but most of our Dublin driveways range from between €2500 – €5000. However, this cost may increase or decrease depending on your requirements. That being said, always keep in mind that such an investment will not only enhance the look of your house but also add to its value. Since tarmac is known for its resilience and long-lasting characteristics, the maintenance costs reduce considerably in comparison to those of some other driveway types.

Extra charges also factor into the total cost of a tarmac driveway. If you hire a professional contractor, they already own the required equipment needed to tarmac the driveway, which saves a lot of the overall hiring cost as it will already be factored into the original quote provided.

If you hire contractors who don’t personally own the equipment, then the equipment-rental cost will be added as an added expense which may end up costing you more overall. So we recommend hiring a tarmac installation specialist as they will have all required machinery already.

Getting an exact quote for your driveway will only be possible once you have the accurate dimensions of your driveway. You can easily contact tarmac contractors or tarmac driveway installers who deal with driveway installations in Dublinand share your measurements and requirements for a quotation. You can find out exactly how much it would cost you to build a tarmac driveway in Ireland/Dublin.

Is a Tarmac Drive Cheaper than Block Paving?

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Tarmac driveways are cheaper than block paving. On average, the overall typical block paving driveway prices are between10% and 20% more expensive than Tarmac.

The blocks required for block paving are not only very expensive but block paving is also quite labour-intensive. A square metre of typical block pavers is more expensive than the equivalent area of Tarmac.

With block paving, it is really important to have a level base to lay the blocks, a process that takes time to prepare. It will then take more time to lay the individual blocks and make sure each of them is levelled properly, especially if you are going for a more complicated or intricate pattern.

There are multiple options available for block paving, all of which are priced differently; however, even the lowest-priced block is more expensive in comparison to tarmac per square metre.

Is Tarmac Cheaper Than Gravel?

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Gravel is cheaper than tarmac; however, Tarmac is definitely a more durable option. Installing a gravel driveway may cost you less initially, but it may require a little more upkeep to keep it looking pristine. Leaves and debris could cause weeds if not kept under control whereas with a tarmac driveway the maintenance required is a lot less as it’s a smooth solid surface less liable to weed and dirt retention.

While gravel can be cheaper, it does tend to shift and change over time and will need topping up in order to look as pristine as it did in the beginning. Gravel doesn’t set in place like tarmac does, so it may need raking now and again to rectify displacement.

Tarmac Driveway Services For County Dublin

In general, tarmac and gravel might be of a similar cost to install, but tarmac is easier to maintain. Often, the final choice might have to do with the property’s overall setting. For example, tarmac and block-paved drives are very popular in urban Dublin, while gravel is quite popular in rural locations with large driveways. Both gravel and tarmac are also commonly combined. For example for a large rural driveway we often install a long tarmac avenue followed by a gravel area as you approach the house to create an entrance area. Keeping your budget and taste in mind is key when choosing your driveway materials.