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Tarmac Driveway Cost Calculator

The expense of laying tarmac driveways is typically figured per square meter (m2). For traditional black tarmac, you can expect to pay approximately €90-€110 per m2 already inclusive of labor fees and material costs. While red tarmac ranges from €120-€130 per m².

Tarmac driveway prices are lower than other kinds of driveways like gravel driveways, block paving driveways, and resin driveways, that need labor-intensive work. Labor fees make up a massive percentage of the costs of installation. 

Tarmac drive costs will also change based on the driveway size, as the bigger the driveway is, the more costly the installation price will be. Such as a small 30 sq. meter driveway is an inexpensive driveway that normally costs approximately €3,000, while one large 100 sq. meter new tarmac drive can price from €6,500.

You can already get a first idea of the total cost for your tarmac driveway thanks to our tarmac driveway cost calculator below

Tarmac Driveway Cost Calculator



Now let’s see in detail what affects the overall cost of tarmac or asphalt driveways.

Factors That Affect a Tarmac Driveway Cost

Here are a few of the factors that impact the cost of your new tarmac driveway.

Raw Driveway Materials

The raw material used for your tarmac driveway will depend on various situations. Typically, small diameter gravel delivers impermeable and dense tarmac driveway. On the other hand, large-diameter stones produce a more absorbent surface.

The raw material is crucial and contains crushed stone or concrete and 18mm to dust gravel/sand ballast. Similarly, your driveway needs an appropriate absorbent weed border membrane. Overall, the weed mat laid under the membrane costs approximately €80/m2. And crushed stone prices are around €90 to €110 per tonne.

Cold lay tarmac material comes in packs and is only suitable for small repair jobs and DIY projects. The tarmac driveway costs per bag range from €9-€18/25kg bag.

On the other hand, hot-mix tarmac material costs almost €60-€85 per tonne, covering around 8m2 area.

Some projects need extras to the tarmac mixture to build a tarmac driveway. Generally, common extras include the following:

1. Reinforcing mesh

2. Various colored dyes

3. Oil & petrol proofing

4. Waterproofer

5. Anti-slip coatings

Existing Tarmac Drive Condition

weed piercing driveway

The existing surface or existing driveway made with tarmac might have distinct features that require consideration. Are there drain lids, how deep the foundations should be, does the site need excavation, does the tarmac driveway require blocked edging, does the ground slope, is the current driveway in fine condition (almost like the new tarmac driveway), etc?

Normally, these impact the average price of the new driveway due to the expanded complexity of the task, and the material and labor costs they come with.

Size of The New Driveways

Asphalt driveway

A standard driveway estimates around 5.5 square meters for the single-car driveway to 21 square meters for the double-car driveway space. And this size will obviously impact the cost of the tarmac or concrete driveway. 

Extra Equipment Hired For The Job

Normally, a driveway/tarmac contractor brings their equipment and machines and will count the price of these into the given quotation. Nevertheless, FYI, here’re the standard costs for the following parts of equipment:

  • Waste skip hired – 100-€220 per load.
  • Mini digger hired – 180-€240 per week.
  • Compactor hired – 50 to €75 per day.

Dropping The Raised Path

Do you already have dropped Kerb dividing your property from the footpath and public road? Nowadays, in case you do not have one, you must consider the additional cost of supporting the pavement as well as installing the needed kerbstones.

Often, you need to ask for permission before modifying the Kerb and pavement. Normally, your regional council will deliver this service. The project can cost from €360-€1200 based on the size of work to be accomplished.

Types Of Tarmac Used For The Driveway

There are several kinds of tarmac available, with different manufacturers presenting their special mixtures. These will resolve certain issues that the consumer experiences, for example, extreme temperature take-ups, heavy loading, or excessive moisture.

However, there are mainly 2 grades in all-around use.

  • Open-graded Tarmac
  • Close-graded Tarmac
driveway contractor worker

Final Words

For a typical 50 m2 tarmac driveway, you must expect to pay around €4,000 to spread the tarmac surface as well as an extra €560 – €1120 in case a foundation is required. The cost of a tarmac driveway is higher in big cities in Ireland because the market is also high.

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Is a tar and chip driveway the same as an asphalt driveway?

Tar and chip paving provides an appearance similar to asphalt, yet the two surfaces are distinct. Tar and chip driveways consist of layers of gravel and loose stones, compared to the smooth surface of asphalt driveways. Although asphalt driveways are more expensive than tar and chip, they provide a longer-lasting result (please contact us for a quote regarding tar and chip driveway since we do not have a tar and chip driveway calculator yet).  

What is the cost for gravel driveways?

For gravel driveway cost please refer to our sister company Driveway Paving

What is SMA?

SMA stands for Stone Mastic Asphalt.
Please contact us for sma tarmac prices.

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