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Here at Tarmac Driveways we are tarmac contractors, a specialised tarmac installation team based in Dublin! We have years of experience in tarmac installation and assure our customers of a top quality finish every time.

Tarmac Driveways is a branch of Driveway Paving, one of Dublin’s most recommended paving contractors.

We are proud of Driveway Pavings reputation and plan to adhere to the same strict quality standards that the reputation was built on. Our tarmac projects are completed to the highest of standards using top quality tarmac and asphalt from renowned suppliers such as Roadstone.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction and we aim to meet each customers expectations from initial contact, throughout installation to after service.

We offer free expert advice and quotations.

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Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac Driveways is a team of contractors that offer holistic solutions for your tarmac and asphalt project in Dublin and the surrounding area. Our construction portfolio varies from private tarmac driveways of property owners to larger industrial areas and parking slots.

 Over the last ten years, we have delivered high-quality driveways to our customers in Dublin and the surrounding area. In combination with high-quality, we offer cost-efficient and affordable solutions for all the property owners that plan to increase their property value. 

 The driveway is the first thing that the visitors of your property notice, as it is the roadway that connects the public road with your house or any other type of building you have. Have a look at our gallery section and get a first impression of how a place looks before and after tarmac driveway construction.

 There are a plethora of options when it comes to the design and style of tarmac and asphalt driveways.

This plenty of choices come after combining different mixtures of aggregate size and colour, binder type and its colour, and other advanced materials. Most probably, when it comes to tarmac and asphalt, the first thing that comes to your mind is the dark grey colour. But you will get surprised to see that there is a wide range of colours, including orange, red, classic and leaf green, blue etc. 


Although the tarmac driveway is the central part of the project, equally important should be considered the apron of pavement in front of it and the garage. Apron or approach is the front part/beginning of the driveway and the closest to the road. Also, an apron is the connecting part of the driveway with the garage. If your garage is higher than your driveway level, it is essential to install an apron to protect your vehicles. For this purpose, it is required a highly-skilled professional who can calculate the appropriate slope and width of the apron.


Moreover, your apron allows you to be more creative and combine your tarmac driveway with other paving methods – blocks, granite, limestone, etc. That results in a more impressive and eye-catchy outcome and at the same time creating borders and edgings of high quality. We at Tarmac Driveways are specialised and ready to assist you in all paving methods, and you can look at our Recent Projects.  

Resurfacing and Repair Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac Driveways is by your side, and glad to assist you when you have decided to resurface your driveway instead of installing a new one. Resurfacing is the application of a new tarmac layer over the top of an existing pavement. 


First of all, let mention that resurfacing or tarmac overlay can occur on driveways, forecourts, and paths with a prior pavement of tarmac or concrete. With a resurfacing, you can achieve to make your driveway look lively like a new one. As it is not a DIY project and requires professional experience and equipment, you should contact tarmac contractors you trust. 


Important to mention is that the tarmac driveway resurfacing process includes five basic steps – driveway cleaning, sloping, sub-base, laying the new tarmac, and rolling (for more have a look at our Tarmac Driveways guide). The first step is the driveway cleaning that should be done very carefully in order to avoid problems happening with the adhering. 

Then, the sloping takes place, and the correct installation of the drainage system helps prevent cracks and other issues in the future. Follows the sub-base, as it is the main load-bearing layer, it should not be overlooked. Afterwards, the new tarmac is spread evenly across the sub-base. In the end, the rolling occurs to ensure a smooth surface where no aggregates or stones are poking through the new surface.


Finally, keep in mind that resurfacing is a great and inexpensive method to give a new look to your property. It is the most affordable and faster way to get a like-new driveway as its cost compared to totally new construction is relatively lower. 


When it comes to repairing, then the tarmac surface can be easier repaired than other methods that use different materials. With our experts’ counselling, you can choose the most efficient and suitable repairing method for your driveway. 


We recommend you contact us as soon as possible once you have noticed poor quality, a crack or potholes on your tarmac driveway. That will prevent the expansion of the damage and consequently lower the cost significantly. Also, you stop other side effects that follow a crack, moss, algae and weeds.


It is common that the tarmac dries out over time if it is exposed to too much sunlight. That can lead not only to colour loss but to potholes and cracks. Our long experience and the use of the best products for your projects can guarantee an excellent result that will make your tarmac look freshly laid. In some cases, according to the nature of the project, we apply double layering. That results in even finishing and a protective coating.  


Moreover, weather conditions have a considerable impact on the efficiency of the repair method. Some of them can occur all year long, and others only during summer – dry and warm weather. So, keep in mind that temporary repair should occur in prime weather conditions – because the tarmac dries out over time if exposed to too much sunlight. 

Other Tarmac Services

Tarmac Driveways offers a holistic tarmac project portfolio in addition to tarmac driveways and their resurfacing and reparation. You imagine it, and we bring it to life – starting from the drainage systems and the kerbing for your tarmac driveway and ending with the highest tarmac sealing quality for tennis courts.

Let’s have a look at some more services that our experienced team offers.

Concrete kerbing: is an element of the driveway or patio, and it is the edge where the tarmac paved driveway or patio meets the raised footpath. Experts should install Kerbs very carefully, and every little detail should be considered as they serve many purposes. They define the limits of the carriageway, maintain structural integrity, create a barrier between the pedestrians and the vehicles, and most importantly, allow water to drain away from the channels they are forming. Depending on the area, the function, the purpose, the traffic, and of course, the personal preferences (material, design, colour, shape etc.), there is a wide range of kerbs.

Drainage systems: the most critical part of your paving project, as it ensures removing all water on the pavement surface. The long-life of your paving project depends on that, and professionals should complete it. There are surface and subsurface drainages; the first one prevents water infiltration and accumulation on the paving surface, and the second one removes water contained in the underlying subgrade.

Tarmac patios: you can always have your driveway and patio from the same material but in different colours or shades of the same colour. Always, tarmac has been one of the most preferred patio paving materials. The property owners decide on it because it is a reliable option for a time and cost-efficient property transformation. So, with a tarmac patio, you achieve an excellent value for money outcome.

Farmyards and farm lanes: thanks to its excellent durability, tarmac is the most commonly used paving material for paving projects in farmyards, where there is daily movement of agricultural machinery and vehicles. Tarmac’s base layers and surface have all the needed properties to support heavy vehicles.

Tennis court: for that project, is required porous macadam for tough and durable surfacing. Compared to some other outdoor sports surfacing, the tennis court tarmac is cost-effective and does not require much maintenance. The most crucial differentiation point of this application from the previously mentioned is that it includes the extra step of installing anti-slip paint.

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