Recent Tarmac Projects

Resin Bound Driveway, Malahide, Co. Dublin, March 2024

  • Harvest gold resin
  • Installation of yellow granite sets 100×200 sawn finish
  • Construction of red brick work.

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Asphalt driveway completed in Clondalkin, Dublin, January 2024

  • High quality sma asphalt
  • Silver granite slabs borders
  • Construction of block wall and brick pillars
  • Installation of granite step
  • Rendering of block wall
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Resin Bound Driveway, Churchtown, South Dublin, November 2023

  • Harvest gold resin bound
  • Yellow sawn finish granite sets 100×200
  • Blackwall flowerbeds built and rendered with white render
  • Lighting installation to give it beautiful look in the evening

Large Asphalt Lane Way and Gravel Driveway, Co. Laois, November 2023

  • Premium grade asphalt for long, winding lane way
  • Spacious gravel driveway composed of natural-colored, angular stones for a classic look and effective drainage
  • This project seamlessly integrates the driveway into the surrounding pastoral landscape

Resin Bound Driveway in Knocklyon, Dublin, October 2023

Resin bound driveway completed in Knocklyon, South Dublin.
  • Harvest gold resin bound
  • Silver granite slabs footpath
  • Silver granite sets borders

Tarmac Driveway in Tallaght, Dublin 22, April 2023

Tarmac driveway completed in Tallaght South dublin.
  • 10mm high quality sma asphalt
  • Recessed manhole cover
  • Silver granite slabs 300×600 borders around the edges

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Tarmac Driveway in Dundrum, Dublin, December 2022

Tarmac driveway completed in Dundrum South dublin.
  • Sma asphalt driveway
  • Silver Portuguese granite sets
  • New block wall and pillar built and rendered

Asphalt Driveway in Ballycullen South Dublin, October 2022

Asphalt driveway completed in Ballycullen South Dublin.
  • 10mm sma asphalt
  • Silver Portuguese granite sets 100×200
  • Silver bullnose granite step

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Asphalt driveway completed in Ballyfermot Dublin, June 2022

Asphalt driveway completed in Ballyfermot Dublin.
We took up old cobblelock and remove pillar to make an opening driveway, Silver Portuguese granite sets 100×200 installed around the edges, 10mm high quality sma asphalt laid and rolled with heavy duty machine roller for long lasting job.

Sma asphalt driveway completed in Naas co Kildare, May 2022

Another high quality sma asphalt driveway completed in naas co Kildare.
On the project we dug up old concrete driveway,
– installed silver granite sets borders
– silver bullnose granite step
Wicklow granite gravel to finish nicely the flowerbeds.
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Tarmac driveway completed in Artane North Dublin, April 2022

On this project we dug up old gravel driveway and installed 10mm sma asphalt and compacted it well with heavy duty machine roller for long lasting job,
Silver granite sets were laid around the edges with silver granite step at the door to give the whole project a beautiful finish.

Large asphalt driveway completed in Dunboyne, March 2022

Another large asphalt driveway completed yesterday in dunboyne. On this project we extend a existing old gravel driveway to make extra parking spaces. 10mm high quality sma asphalt kilsaran produc installed with silver granite corrib cobblelock kilsaran produc to. Job was completed with heavy duty machine roller for long lasting job.

Asphalt driveway completed in Sandyford., February 2022

On this project we used silver granite sets 100×200 borders around the edges to create a flowerbeds, silver granite sets at the entrance, silver granite slabs 300×600 at the house entrance to give the driveway a nice design and beautiful finish. 10 mm high quality sma asphalt was laid on the main area and completed it well with heavy duty machine roller for long lasting job.
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