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Tarmac driveway paving

Here at Tarmac Driveways, we are a team of tarmac contractors solely dedicated to offering top quality competitive solutions for your tarmacadam and asphalt projects in Dublin and the surrounding area. Our construction portfolio varies from private tarmacadam driveways of property owners to larger industrial areas and car parks. We have years of experience in the tarmac business industry and are proud to serve our customers to our consistent high standards.

Over the last ten years, we have delivered tarmac driveways to the highest of standards to our customers in Dublin and the surrounding area. In combination with our high-quality standards, we offer cost-efficient and affordable solutions for all property owners that plan to increase their property value.

The driveway is the first thing that your visitors notice when they arrive at your property, as it is the roadway that connects the public road with your house or any other type of building you have. Have a look at our gallery section and get a first impression of how a place looks before and after tarmac driveway construction.

Tarmacadam driveway paving Dublin
Tarmacadam driveway contractor

Many options for tarmac and asphalt driveways

There are a plethora of options when it comes to the design and style of tarmac and asphalt driveways.

This range of choices comes from the ability to combine different mixtures of aggregate size and colour, borders of bricks, natural stone paving, block paving or kerbs, and other elements such as benches, flower beds, fencing and walling. Most probably, when it comes to tarmac and asphalt, the first thing that comes in your mind is the dark black colour. But you will get surprised to see that there is a wide range of colours, including orange, red, classic and leaf green, blue etc..

Additional paving types to tarmac projects

As a tarmac contractor, we realise that most tarmac projects can benefit from additional paving types such as paths, borders, walls and more thus we have skilled teams that can take care of everything. We specialise in tarmac but take just as much pride in our paving and additional works that are necessary to compliment a new tarmacadam driveway.

Although tarmac driveway installations are the central part of the project, equally important is the apron of pavement in front of it as this is the entrance to your driveway. The apron is the front part/beginning of the driveway and the closest to the road. We offer a wide range of options for the apron from imprint concrete, block paving, to natural stone cobbles such as limestone, sandstone or granite. If you select paving as your preferred apron option we have a range of colours, sizes and textures so every project has a unique aspect specific to each customers individual taste.

We at Tarmac Driveways are specialised and ready to assist you in all paving methods, and you can look at our Recent Projects of new tarmac driveways.

RESURFACING tarmac contractor

Tarmac Driveways is by your side and glad to assist you when you have decided to resurface your driveway instead of installing a new one. Resurfacing is the application of a new tarmac layer over the top of an existing pavement.

First of all, let us mention that resurfacing or tarmac overlay can occur on driveways, forecourts, and paths with a prior pavement of tarmac or concrete. With a resurfacing, you can achieve to make your driveway look lively like a new one. As it is not a DIY project and requires professional experience and equipment, you should contact tarmac contractors you trust.

It is important to mention is that the tarmac driveway resurfacing process includes five basic steps:

1) Driveway cleaning

The first step is the driveway cleaning that should be done very carefully in order to avoid problems with adherence.

2) Sloping

Then, the sloping takes place where we adjust the existing levels to ensure the new driveway layer will match the public oath and front door step.

3) Drainage

Next the correct installation of the drainage system helps prevent cracks and other issues in the future.

4) Laying the new tarmac

We then install the tarmac carefully ensuring even levels.

5) And rolling

In the end, the rolling occurs to ensure a smooth surface where no aggregates or stones are poking through the new tarmac surface.

Finally, keep in mind that resurfacing is a great and inexpensive method to give a new look to your property. It is the most affordable and quickest way to get like-new driveway as its cost compared to totally new construction is relatively lower.

But not always suitable

It is also important to mention that it will not always be suitable. Depending on the existing surface levels, and quality of the existing driveway and patio area resurfacing may or may not be the best option. We offer free quotes and expert advice so we can advise you of this option is appropriate for your property.

Why use tarmac for a driveway?

If you are a homeowner, it will surely be useful for you to have use of a private driveway or path. Indeed, tar-type coatings for driveways have many advantages that we will explain to you in this article.

A tarmac driveway is the one that requires the least maintenance. A simple sweep to remove the leaves or a light power wash is enough to keep your tarmac driveway looking it’s best. Today’s tarring is an innovative technique that can be used for driveways, garage fronts, parking lots, paths, patios etc.

How much does a tarmac driveway cost per m²?

What is the cost of a Tarmac Driveway Installation?

A new tarmac driveway cost will vary depending on a number of factors. These include:

  • Existing ground material, levels and drainage
  • Access for machinery
  • Drainage required
  • Choice of tarmac or asphalt
  • Additional works required such as apron,borders, walls, fencing will all effect the final quote we provide.

You can expect to pay between €35 and €65 per square metre for supply and installation of a new tarmac driveway.

These prices are for areas over 70 square metres.

For projects less than 60 sq metres the price is usually between €60 and €80 per sq metre.

We offer free quotes so feel free to contact us 0852175888.

What explains the price of a installing a tarmac driveway?

Similarly to the answer above the cost will vary depending on numerous factors.

The existing ground is a big factor as this will influence how much machinery, labour and drainage is required to make the ground ready to support new tarmac and ensure a hard wearing and long lasting driveway for 20 years or more.

The drainage in the are and drainage required will influence the price as there may be materials needed a such as aco drain channels, gulley’s, and to be installed or raised to suit the new area.

The additional works required will affect the price as each item such as parton, borders and benches has it’s own range of options with different price ranges.

It is difficult to give a specific cost for tarmac as every job varies greatly but luckily we offer free quotes so you can get a quote for your tarmac project without any obligation to proceed with us as your chosen tarmac contractors.

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