5 Best Tarmac Driveway Ideas

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Best Tarmac Driveways Ideas

A driveway to a property, house, or garage is an extremely important element of a fully functional building. Economically priced, tarmac driveways can greatly improve the look and feel of the exterior of your home and driveway. For its implementation, several relevant decisions must be made. Exploring various driveway ideas in Ireland can offer homeowners unique and personalized options beyond traditional tarmac. In this article, we are giving 5 ideas on driveway design.


A selection of the best tarmac driveway ideas


Tarmac driveways are considered a very interesting option for many homeowners. This type of access road is generally easier to maintain and gives a very clean look to the property. Tarmac driveways are moderate-cost options and tend to increase the value of a home more than gravel roads or gravel driveways which offer a permeable, rustic option for those seeking an alternative aesthetic.

A good idea for a Tarmac driveway is extremely important for open space. Try not to affect or interfere with landscape design. Aesthetically, driveways should be attractive and functionally smooth, straight, or curved. The slope should be gentle.

Material includes a choice of tarmac, asphalt and block, gravel, granite, or cobblestone. Because indeed, nothing makes the tarmac stand out more than adding a beautiful brick or granite cobblestone border around it. This creates a truly unique entrance for your home.

Tarmac driveway area to site-paving stones

When considering alternatives to tarmac, it’s beneficial to explore how materials like concrete, gravel, and paving stones can complement the classic tarmac driveway, enhancing its appearance and functionality without fully replacing the durable and sleek tarmac foundation.

#1 Tarmac Driveway Area To The Site Paving Stones

Making a tarmac driveway is an option for combined pedestrian and vehicular driveways. Tarmac is a solution if all you want is a driveway that is both passable and driveable, strong and durable. A bitumen driveway will be perfect for creating the path that will connect your gate to your garage. A paved driveway portion is a real added value for your home : aesthetic, resistant, and durable over time!

Many Clients like to change from full block paving driveways to tarmac driveways or concrete driveways for easier maintenance. A new tarmac driveway will look neat and clean and even nicer if you add some block paving bricks or stones around it.

To implement this model, paving slabs and paving stones are used. You layout the pavement in stages, as if you were building a brick wall. This solution gives the pavement a classic aspect, creating an impressive look even in winter. If you care about good grip in winter, the height of the stones plays an important role. This is one of the best tarmac driveway ideas. 

For a perfect job done we recommend using the professional services of a  tarmac contractor.

#2 Coloured Tarmac Driveway Area

There are many options for the style and design of asphalt and tarmac driveways. This comes from the combination of size, different mixes, and aggregate colour, binder type but also binder colour etc. For tarmac and asphalt, one immediately thinks of the dark grey colour, but there are actually many colour options like orange, red, classic green and leaf green, blue, etc..

For example, green coloured tarmac offers a modern alternative to black tarmac that suits contemporary designs.

Colour choices can be done before building tarmac driveways but also after, for example for a worn-out tarmac driveway that you want to restore. Of course, it depends on the condition of your tarmac driveways but instead of tarmac driveways replacement, you can choose to either paint your tarmac driveway or resurface it with coloured tarmacadam. Colourful tarmac choices provide a modern twist on the classic concrete driveway, offering homeowners a palette to complement their exterior decor.

Should I DIY Tarmac Paint Or Hire A Professional


#3 Circular Tarmac Driveway

This circular tarmac driveway architecture immediately brings to mind a roundabout. In a garden, this can highlight a pretty green and flowery centre around which children can have a lot of fun with their bikes for example! However, since the garden path can be long and winding, you will need to determine in advance the circumference of the pattern that you need.

Remember that to fill the voids between the circles, you will need additional paving slabs. Once you have determined the required amount of bridge bricks, start the pattern from the outer circle, defining the brick corners. After that you can fill in the inner rings. Gaps between bricks (joints) can be filled with concrete, decorative stone or sand.

Like regular access roads, circular roads can simply be covered with gravel, but then there is the issue of removing weeds in spring.

Most often, such entrances are asphalted, concreted, and decorated with paving slabs or paving stones. If your front garden is large enough and if there is a lot of space in front of the house, consider making a circular driveway to give the site a “classy” look.

This design is one of many creative driveway entrance ideas in Ireland, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Dublin Tarmac Driveway yellow pavers on edge

#4 Tarmac Entrance Design with Yellow Pavers on Edges

Many of us spend a lot of time planning and creating beautiful paving that extends the look of our home and garden.

The presented design creates a mix between the traditional (yellow paving stones) and practical (tarmac driveway) side of a driveway that is very pleasant to look at and very easy to use (for example when you need to use a wheelbarrow) and maintain.

 The paver decorations on edges protect landscaping, the walls, the fences and vegetation.

This can be used as well to help drain rainwater or the water used when cleaning with a karcher, for example, if the pavers are tilted.

It is possible to add solar lighting on each side of the road to give an even more impressive effect to your driveway, especially at night.

Avenue Tarmac Driveway Idea

#5 Avenue Tarmac Driveway Idea

This is a unique design that looks spectacular on a long road surface. Such a driveway to the house for cars is not necessarily a perfect circle. It can be two semicircular, curved roads that connect at the exit /entrance, a teardrop-shaped path with a U-turn, and one semicircle leaving two exits to the street. The main idea in any case is simple and clear – you can drive up to the house and drive back without making manoeuvres in the driveway. 

Maintenance-free and easy to install, these driveways are a great choice if you want something simple, practical and esthetic. This is an ideal driveway for the outdoors and goes well with most decor and surrounding landscapes.

driveway ideas in Ireland vary from the traditional to innovative alternatives, including gravel, concrete, and specially designed tarmac driveways.

Eventually, driveway ideas in Ireland vary from the traditional to innovative alternatives, including gravel, concrete, and specially designed tarmac driveways.

What do you think about our selection of the best tarmac driveway ideas?

At Tarmac Driveways, we offer both tarmac and asphalt driveway solutions. Both materials have a durable and smooth surface that looks beautiful and improves the general appearance of your home. Tarmac and Asphalt are also both very versatile and offer decent value for money. It makes them ideal materials if you have a particular tarmac driveway idea and if you have a tighter budget.

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